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Mon Amour Cotons

Here is a little more info about us and Mon Amour Cotons:

It will answer many of your questions if you are thinking of purchasing a Coton de Tulear puppy from us.

My husband and I are breeders of the Coton de Tulear.  We are in a constant state of learning about this wonderful and sweet breed called the Coton de Tulear.  When you adopt a puppy from us you get a friend who will help you, not only through the transition of a new puppy, but for the life of your Coton.  

I have many resources (links and information) to help you and answer your questions.  If I don't know the answer I will find out for you.

Needless to say, I absolutely adore this breed. We first bought a companion dog, (GraciLuv), five years ago in Chicago and loved her so much. I started learning everything I could about the breed. Most of our Cotons come from Europe... Denmark, France, & Switzerland.  We have been to Denmark for training, and made every trip a little vacation and met with breeders in those countries. We think it is very important to pick up our puppies ourselves to relieve them of stress from the trip (they sit with us on the plane)...  However, we will consider shipping a puppy if the circumstances are right, but we do not ship the puppies we buy.  Most people pick up their puppies or hire a courier.  We sometimes meet our families, or your Courier, at the Indianapolis International Airport if that is helpful to you.

We have three females who will be ready to be bred in the Spring and Summer of 2017.  

All of our Cotons are, or will be DNA tested for all 6 known Coton diseases. Our Cotons are tested for eyes every year and patella (knees), and elbows every two years, as well as for Cardiac, Thyroid, and Hip Dysplasia.  All of our dogs over 2 years have received their CHIC Certification.  We believe that health testing is extremely important to the breed and to people who adopt our puppies.

The most important thing is that, you do all that you can do to make sure you are buying a healthy dog, from a Code of Ethics Breeder. Cotons can live up to 17 years, and not everyone does DNA testing and is careful with how they use pedigrees.  We want you to receive a healthy and happy puppy who will grow into a strong healthy dog, giving you many happy years as a family member.  That also goes for Show Breeders.

In answer to a frequently asked question about pricing...while cotons are not cheap… there are no Code of Ethics Breeders that breed just for the money. We personally, don’t expect that we could ever make the money back that we have spent on trips, puppies, testing, grooming and what we have done to make our Cotons comfortable in our home and on our property, by preparing to be a “dog breeder”. Then also there is the fees and travel for Dog Shows. Being a breeder of the Coton de Tulear is a start to our dream…our end goal is to breed healthy, beautiful dogs that will be a credit to the Standard.

We are not a kennel.  Our Cotons live with us in our home, sleep in our beds... and are brought up to have very sweet and loving temperaments. They are our family. My husband, Tim and I have been married for 47 years and have lived in the same home for 36 years.  He is a very big reason for the loving temperament of our puppies before they leave here.  He wants to keep every one by the end of 8 weeks!!! LOL   

We have four adult kids, and six grandkids…all who are in and out on a regular basis, so our dogs and future puppies are, and will be, well socialized and loved. Our family also helps out when we travel. 

We are showing  Jespersen's Mon Amour and Jespersen's Avinia, and they have done very well at AKC shows. They are well on their way to being champions. Jespersen's Mon Bijou will also go into the show ring soon. We have very big hopes for our new Jersey Girl, Just Incredible Fendi.

We kept two of the puppies in the video on the home page of our website.  Mon Amour Cotons Purple Rain (Prince), and Mon Amour Cotons Diamonds and Pearls (Adore), will go into the show ring very soon.  I can't wait to see how they do!

You are smart to look ahead because most Cotons by Code of Ethics breeders are sold or reserved before they are born.

We sell Show Dogs and Companion Dogs to the very best homes available.

Please tell me about you and your family and what your hopes are for a Coton de Tulear... Just fill out the "Puppy Questionaire" on this website. If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to send an email.  

You may also call me at 317-496-5795 



Linda Behrens

Mon Amour Cotons

Instagram:  Mon_Amour_Cotons

USACTC Board Member Eastern Region

USACTC Code of Ethics Breeder 


The United States of America Coton de Tulear Club | AKC Parent Club
USACTC, Inc offers owners, breeders and fanciers an invaluable opportunity to network with each other and share information



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